How to make a Simple, Ugly and Free Personal Website (SUFPW) 04/22/20

I wanted an online place to keep my writings, notes and code. I didn't want to mess with wordpress, ghost or even a JAMstack site.

My requirements:


  1. Buy a domain (namecheap works for me)
  2. Get a free Netlify account
  3. Create a free netlify site
  4. Connect your netlify site to your domain
  5. Download Quiver It's Mac OS only. I'm sure there are Windows alternatives
  6. Create a site specific notebook (The name of the notebook will be your front page)
  7. Write, notes, code or whatever
  8. Export the notebook as HTML
  9. Drag the folder Quiver exported to the upload box on your netlify site page
  10. Celebrate!

You know have a SUFPW!

I am excited about this because it's no-muss, no-fuss. I can easily link to my own posts. Someday I'll outgrow it but for now it's PERFECTO!

I can incorporate github soon enough for backups and even easier deploys. But I did this in like 15 minutes and I can probably use it for at least months of consistent note takeing, writing.